Free Printable Coupon Binder Organizer

Use my free printable coupon binder organizer to help make your coupon organizing easy and quick.  No more excuses for keeping those coupons in a messy heaping pile!  How can you save money when you don’t know what coupons you have to use? The key to saving money with coupons is organization.  You need to easily find your coupons and score some sweet money saving deals.  Time is money and money is time so save both by using my free coupon tool!   Just fill Continue reading →

Beginners Guide to Couponing

The Beginners Guide to Couponing was designed to help couponers in any stage of couponing.  Whether just starting out, a seasoned pro or anywhere in between, this guide will prove helpful and useful! If you are just starting out and new to couponing, then please read this post about Coupon Lingo first.  It’s the magic decoder ring to all of the crazy terms, abbreviations and secret language of the coupon world.  Once you learn it, you’ll never have to learn it again!  There’s no real Continue reading →

Coupon Math

 Coupon Math photo credit: via photopin (license) So….you think you can add, subtract, multiply and divide, right?  Well think again!  You have to re-learn Coupon Math!  When it comes to couponing and saving money you have to learn basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages all over again! I was left scratching my head and wondering how I had never understood the concept of coupon math until it was blatantly pointed out to me.  We all have this idea that the way we shop and Continue reading →

Paypal Friends & Family Payment Tutorial

Paypal Friends & Family Payment Tutorial Follow the step-by-step instructions in the screen shots to complete the transaction.   Still have questions?  No problem, I’ve got you covered!  Check out my Q&A below! Why do I have to use PayPal?   PayPal is a third party and this protects both the buyer and the seller.  I don’t have any access to your personal banking information and you don’t have access to mine. Yes, I do realize that many small business owners have the little box Continue reading →

How Do You Turn On Facebook Notifications

    How do you turn on Facebook notifications through settings?  I have the answer and it takes just one quick selection and all notifications will turn on!  Make sure you don’t miss anymore money saving deals by turning on your Facebook notifications settings for your favorite fanpages! Simply go to the page you are following and select the Get Notifications option under the Liked tab.  To make extra sure you really do get all of the notifications scroll through the feed and like at Continue reading →

Your Extreme Couponing Checklist

Your Extreme Couponing Checklist DO NOT GO OUT AND BUY COUPONS, A BINDER OR ANYTHING AT ALL AT THIS POINT!! JUST READ THE LIST FIRST!! I am the EXPERT so please follow my advice! Get ready mentally and realize that I am teaching the PROCESS of extreme couponing. It is a long and drawn out process but if you are committed to it then you will save some serious $$!! Get out a notepad and pens, highlighters or whatever you use for taking notes and Continue reading →