Budgeting and Money Management


Budgeting and Money Management

 Step 2 - The Envelope System of The Total Budget Makeover SeriesWithout Budgeting and Money Management we would have no reason to coupon, right?  Most couponers start out wanting to learn to coupon to slash their grocery bills in half and save money or pay off bills.  I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and I specialize in Personal Creative Financing and I have written series of posts to help you with getting started on a household budget and practical money management.

The best way to stay on track and keep couponing in it’s proper perspective is to create a household budget and stick to it.  Deciding on a long term goal will help you stay motivated to learn while limiting your spending to a pre-determined amount will keep you and your household happy.  I’ve seen many married couples fight over couponing and it’s because the couponing takes over the entire household in priority.

I’ve literally read once in a coupon group that the husband told the wife (the couponer) that it’s either me or the stockpile – she chose the stockpile.  True story!  They were having problems on top of the couponing but I think the couponing and stockpile sent him over the edge!

Use my free downloadable spreadsheet, built by my loving husband and business partner, and see how I really live my frugal life in these series of posts about Practical Money Management.  I am not just a coupon blogger, I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Creative Personal Financing is my specialty!  I love teaching people how to save money and create instant disposable income with coupons.

Money Management Posts to Read:  (Just click on the title to read the post)

The 5 Highly Effective Habits of Practical Couponers Series

The Total Budget Makeover Series

 Free Downloads – click here to be re-directed to the page to view and print

Still have questions?  Need more information?  Shoot me an email and I will be happy to answer any questions!  I am happy to help get you on track to saving more and turning your pennies into dollars!

Email to:  thekoreancouponer@gmail.com


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