Berry Fruit Salad


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The ingredients for berry fruit salad


This dessert is the easiest Berry Fruit Salad.  I mean how much easier can it be than to simply prep the fruit and then add a little bit of superfine sugar and mix in a bowl?

Remove red grapes from stems, rinse clean and place in a large bowl

Since berries are in season all summer long this makes for a very cost effective dessert and you get plenty of healthy antioxidants and satisfy one serving of fruit of your daily allowance of fruits and veggies.

Rinse and add fresh raspberries to the bowl

Fresh raspberries are by far one of my favorite berries.  It happens to be my Hunny Bunny’s favorite too that’s why there are so few berries to put in the bowl!  We snacked on a few while making this bowl!

Next rinse and add the fresh blueberries.


Blueberries are simple….all you do is wash and drain and add them right in.  Sometimes they have one little stem hanging out of the tops so you might want to pick through them prior to washing.  Picking them over also helps to keep yucky shriveled up ones from ruining your beautiful salad.  🙂

Slice the tops off the rinsed strawberries.

No I didn’t really cut the tops off one-handed!  I just took a picture with my phone to illustrate!  I am talented but not THAT talented!!

Add the fresh cut strawberries to the bowl.


I like my fresh strawberries a little chunky because I find that slicing them takes forever and then I get frustrated trying to get the slices on my fork!  This berry salad is so good that I want to gobble it down as fast as possible and not fight with getting it in my mouth!

Last step is to add superfine sugar if the berries need it and mix gently in the bowl.  Chill for one hour and serve.


I prefer to use superfine sugar for sweetening fresh fruit because it doesn’t have the gritty texture like the regular granulated sugar.  If you don’t have any superfine sugar then you can use granulated sugar or artificial sweeteners or whatever your preference might be.  I also use the superfine sugar when making iced tea and it seems to dissolve better than the granulated white sugar in the liquid.

You can find many versatile uses for this berry fruit salad.  It would be a great topping for sponge cake, pound cake, angel food cake or any cake at all now that I think of it!  Simply add 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup sugar and allow the sugar and fruit and water mixture to sit at room temperature. The sugar and fruit will make a yummy and sweet juice that is perfect for topping on cake.  The cake will absorb all of that yummy-ness. Topping all of that happy berry stuff with some whipped topping or whipped cream would send it over the edge!

If you end up making a large bowl of it and you have more leftover than you care to eat (how this is possible eludes me but I won’t judge you) then you can make breakfast smoothies out of it or freeze it in a plastic baggie or container in the freezer.  This freezes better if you don’t add the sugar to the fruit and I recommend freezing it in a single layer on a cookie sheet until frozen hard then transfer to a ziploc bag or freezer container to store in the freezer until you’re ready to use it.  When you freeze it this way you end up with separate pieces of frozen fruit instead of one large frozen lump of icy fruit that no longer resembles the fruit salad you made before you froze it!

Do you have any other variations of this dessert that you would care to share in the comments section below?  I would love to hear your thoughts or read your recipes!  I hope you have a berry happy day!  Haha!!

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