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About Me
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The Korean Couponer – Helping you turn pennies into dollars

About Me – I am Emily Bristol aka The Korean Couponer and I am a Professional Coupon & Personal Finance Coach who optimistically blogs about frugal living by helping you turn pennies into dollars.  I also blog about money saving recipes, parenting to my 3 kids and confessions of my accidental cougar life who just so happens to enjoy cooking, reading and movies.

Get to know me!  Can you relate to any of these?

  • I have this crazy zealous obsession with canned SPAM luncheon loaf but ironically I don’t eat bologna or hotdogs because I am just quirky like that!
  • I am 12 years OLDER than my husband but our maturity levels match. I am young at heart and he is an old soul so together we act like we’re 30!
  • I’ve been an entrepreneur and life coach for the past 20 years but I only decided to seriously commit to growing my coaching career in the last year.  Things have been great so far and I look forward to helping people everyday!
  • I love and hate the limelight because I am an outgoing introvert but I am slowly coming out of my shell.
  • Once upon a time I was a Cosmetologist and Nail Technician.  I managed a nail salon with my mom called Fingers & Toes (no longer exists).  I left the salon to pursue a career path in healthcare and it took me a good five years in 4 different fields to figure out I did not want to go to nursing school!  My last job was in OB/GYN and that was the most interesting field of all!!
  • My mom now has an adorable home & garden store called Ladybug Plants & Country Store.  Entrepreneurship runs in our family, can you tell?  I love the homemade canned goods she sells in her store and most especially the Chow Chow on my pinto beans!  Recipe for my beans featuring the Chow Chow is coming soon.
  • I LOVE coaching and helping people!  I like to share and over-share but I only write about things I know about. I don’t know everything and I am not afraid to admit it!
  • I like to laugh and make jokes so I hope you smile or laugh along with me!  I also don’t take myself too seriously and I have fun poking fun at myself so don’t be afraid to laugh with me or at me!
  • I am Korean and Caucasian – my mother is 100% Korean.  I chose the name The Korean Couponer as a marketing and branding gimmick because it’s hard to forget and it’s not at all common!  The name The Korean Couponer seemed perfect since I am Korean and I write about couponing!
  • My original tag line was going to be “asians are so frugal that we can make change for a penny!” but it was voted down by my business partner (husband), loving nicknamed Hunny Bunny.  He said it might be offensive and didn’t sound professional enough!
  • I have a rare skin disorder called Hidradenitis Suppurativa but I don’t let it slow me down.  I maintain good health by keeping an optimistic outlook, laughing all the time thanks to my incredibly funny husband and I make sure to take frequent rest intervals when I have flare-ups.
  • I have recently discovered RuPaul’s Drag Race and I love the show!  I think it’s absolutely sickening!  (This is a slang term for fabulous!)  I also have a new obsession with his music!  I jam it out daily while I write!  Want to listen to my quirky and perky playlist?  Click here to get it on YouTube.   ***WARNING – It’s not entirely kid appropriate so please don’t play it for the first time around anyone under 18!) 
  • My life’s motto is “Live and let live.”  I will be sharing all about my motto and what it means to me in a future post!  But my new favorite quote right now is RuPaul’s “If you can’t love yourself,  how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?  Can I get an amen?”
  • I can sing, I mean really sing and I love it but I don’t sing publicly because I have some serious stage fright.  I have a dream that one day I will gather up enough nerve to sing for an audience, but don’t hold your breath that it’ll be anytime soon!

Let’s connect and stay in touch!!  

YouTube for my visual learners! 

Are you a visual learner?  I created YouTube videos because I learn best by watching and then doing it myself!  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel – The Korean Couponer and watch and re-watch videos on couponing, quick & easy money saving recipes, my product reviews and my SAKHs (Super Awesome Kitchen Hacks) to your heart’s content!  I LOVE making my homemade videos and although I should probably use a script, it’s more fun to improvise and edit!  I will be adding more videos soon and if you want me to make a video about something, let me know in the comments section here or on my channel.

Check out my video playlist – click through the list to find what you are looking for in the playlist!

tsū is the New Social Media for Couponers!

Join me on tsū, the new social media network for couponers! Read this awesome post by my tsū grandmother – Audrey Krippendorf, and learn why the hottest deals are being posted there and not here on Facebook or Instagram!  http://spendlessshopmore.blogspot.com/…/why-couponers-shoul…
We are all family on tsū, Jennifer King is actually my tsū mom! So let me become your tsū momma and you’ll have three generations of tsū superusers in your family!

You will need my referral link to join. Just copy and paste in your browser!


The Korean Couponer on Social Media


Facebook is a great social media outlet for sharing information instantly on my fanpage.  I share my latest blog posts and events as well anything else I find interesting for my readers.The Korean Couponer

Promote Your Page Too

Funny true story – I didn’t know that my page settings were set so that no one could post anything at all!  I kept wondering why my page was like a ghost town and all I would hear are crickets and elevator music in the background until my friend Amin at Sendoutnice with cards graciously brought it to my attention!  Sometimes you have to point out the obvious to me because it’s not always completely obvious to ME!!

Join me on Facebook!  You can comment, start a discussion, chat and hang out with me!



Instagram is a fairly new social media outlet for me to use.  I have been sharing and making new friends and I love the fun stuff I see daily like the TimeHop and memes!  Join me using this link https://instagram.com/thekoreancouponer.



Pinterest is awesome!  The pins and boards work just like my brain and I get to store it all in one location!  My boards are diverse and range from healthy cooking recipes to budgeting and financing.  If you want more diversity in pins and boards then follow my personal Pinterest profile as well as The Korean Couponer!  Just click on the links below to follow me and I’ll be sure and follow you back!  Happy Pinning fellow pinners!

The Korean Couponer on Pinterest 

Emily Bristol on Pinterest (My personal page)

Linked In

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach so I maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn and would love to connect with any of you on a professional level!  You can see me all grown up, serious and responsible here!  You can add me at this link –



I love and hate Twitter because it’s hard for me to say what I need to say in only 140 characters!  But I do try my best and I would love to follow and learn from you!  Let’s connect and tweet it up!  https://twitter.com/koreancouponer


Come connect and follow me on Google+!  I admit that my page looks pretty bare for the moment but I am hoping to get some live chats and conferences going soon with my good friend and blogger of Spend Less, Shop More and HEB Bargain HunterJennifer King.  I love the feature of Google Hangouts because you can easily join in and chat live without giving out personal information and everyone can actually talk instead of type!  I hope to connect with you soon!



Maybe you’re not a fan of social media but you do send email?  If so please feel free to send me your questions, comments or concerns to TheKoreanCouponer@gmail.com.  I would love to connect and I don’t mind corresponding!

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My newsletter features new published posts and events that I don’t want you to miss!  I HATE junk mail and useless information so you won’t have to worry because I will ONLY send you the newsletter and nothing else.  It’s very to unsubscribe too if it’s not a good fit for you.  I honestly just don’t have the extra time or desire to storm your email inbox with more emails you probably won’t open and read anyway!  I say this because my inbox is exactly what I just described!  If you want to read my full privacy policy then click here.  You can also read my disclosure policy here.  I have nothing to hide!

I hope you will connect with me, The Korean Couponer so I can be your Professional Coupon & Personal Finance Coach who helps you turn your pennies into dollars!  

3 thoughts on “About Me

  • April Bebekid D

    on your free downloads, it may be beneficial to upload them as pdf files, for those that do not have the software to open the .ods files.
    muah! love you have an amazing day!!

    • The Korean Couponer Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment!! I agree…I never thought about uploading it as a file. Completely slipped my mind! I will work on that and update the downloads soon. Thank you so much for your suggestion!! ((Hugs and kisses))

    • The Korean Couponer Post author

      You wrote and I listened! It took me a good while, but I finally converted ALL of the downloads into pdf format so anyone can download and print without opening an app!! Thank you for the suggestion and I love you girl!!


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